Cello Girls Cycle Chart nr.1, 100 x 100 cm, pastel op papier, 2018

Cello Girls

Album, Drawing, Performance

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Help me to Realize my Debut Album

On this page I’ll tell you everything about my goal to produce an album with idiosyncratic cello music in an inspiring collaboration with studio wizard Jacco Prantl.


Curious about the secret behind the structure of famous cello music, I started to play the prelude of the first cello suite of Bach backwards. How would an audience respond?
When I performed this ‘experiment’ for the first time at the Van Abbemuseum (2016) people reacted positively and emotionally. They told me that it sounded like the memory of a beloved friend.


The album Cello Girls is a tribute to old masters of music in a new style, assisted by Jacco who creates these swinging soundscapes of my material. We collaborated before on the soundtrack for the trailer of my novel De kuur. Through layering, new cello sounds emerge.

Soundtrack for book trailer ‘De kuur’

Cello or Voice?

The cello sounds like the soulful voice of a cultivated individual, who has seen much of the world. I explore this experience to its core by gathering and performing bits of pieces in E-minor: my favorite, an introverted key that sounds like my name.

Producing a Record is Costly

In a vintage record press factory in Noord-Holland, specialist Theo van der Vliet will press a 12″: on each side will be fifteen to twenty minutes of music.
To finance this limited edition I need your financial support. For the sound quality, and the concentration it demands from a listener, I choose to make a record and not a CD. The preparations and rehearsal for the recording sessions are extremely time consuming. I look forward to performing in the open air and resonating the sounds of nature.

Special Limited Edition

The final result will be a unique record in a well-made edition of 500, with cover artwork especially created by me. There will also be a special ‘cello lovers’ edition with a very limited edition of 50, including a drawing.

When and Where will Cello Girls be Presented?

On 27 October I will present Cello Girls at C&H Gallery in Amsterdam. Alongside the album there will be an art show consisting of drawings, objects and photography. In the work I pay homage to the avant-garde cellist Charlotte Moorman. In the sixties she removed a lot of obstacles for artists and musicians longing for cello experiments.

Who am I?

According to Woordnacht, a literature festival where I recently performed: “Emily Kocken (1963) is considered remarkably multitalented. In her multidisciplinary installation art boundaries between fiction and non-fiction blur.”


For the art show part of Cello Girls I apply for grants from different foundations. Money I will receive through Voordekunst will be spent completely on the production of the album.

Thank you so much for your kind support!