Witte vlag 2013

An anti-love story about what is better:
a good life or a beautiful death.

For young Elzbieta Różewicz life with the Amsterdam-based American artist Henry Theodore Watson is a flight from Berlin in 1999, where she was left alone after her parents died in a car accident. In the beginning of their marriage, Henry still let her participate in his art projects, but shuts her out after a scathing review of their performance at the Stedelijk Museum. While Henry stays in New York, their ailing dog dies. Henry uses the situation for a new art project. Elzbieta’s behavior is starting to show a provocative side. It seems inevitable that the dog will be replaced by a new one.

Witte vlag, Querido, 2013Witte vlag, Querido, 2013

Libris.nl boekenkast Thrill-seeker

June 1, 2013
Jan Peter Prenger

Literair talent maand mei

Opzij, May 1, 2013
Maartje de Breejen

Buzz boeken

Marie Claire, April 1, 2013

Interview in ‘Literat-uur’

Amsterdam FM, September 2, 2013
Peter de Rijk

Locations in main books of 2013

Witte vlag location Hoofddorppleinbuurt
During Boekenweek 2014 (thema ‘Reizen’)
Volkskrant, March 1 2014

A soft armour

The first page of Witte vlag was the company that Emily gave to artist Monique Besten during a day in her project ‘a soft armour’, September 1, 2013

The Book Lovers

What happens when the artwork becomes a novel?
A collection of novels by artists purchased by the M HKA in Antwerp.

Collecting Evidence 2010

Collecting Evidence is a selection of photographs, films, artists books and works on paper from the period 2004—2010 that was presented at C&H Art & Design, the home of Cosimo di Leo Ricatto and Hanneke Huisman. A catalogue was made which served as a model for the classic square shaped 20 x 20 cm Artists Book series C&H art space started to publish.

Egle Obskarcaite, philosopher, performer and member of the critical art collective Legwork and writer introduced the catalogue:

‘And now we talk about evidence here. When asked how the title for the show was created Emily told me it came across when she was talking with her gallerist about the wide range of disciplines she covers plus the drive to deliver her stories: “For me the evidence is the range of visual and emotional data I find and recreate of other people’s lives”.’

Collecting Evidence

Tracing the Mother Key 2010

‘From 2007 to 2009 I worked in a studio in the Southeast suburban area of Amsterdam on the ground floor of a typical Bijlmer ‘honey comb’ high-rise building. Witnessing the intricate choreographed game of dealing, I got to know some of the ‘junkies’ who lived in a housing project called ‘Domus’. Homeless drug users with a lot of ‘police encounters’ are offered a room and treatment program by The Salvation Army.’

Tracing the Mother Key

The Breadman Bible 2009

The Breadman Bible (cover), 2009

(moe) 2008