Installation, Photography

March 2008

Supported by AFK

Online installation

The installation (moe) – tired – did not purely aim to aestheticize illness. Much more it wanted to show the viewer what it is like to live in bed, to have a restricted view and to barely be able to walk. The beauty of this existence is made ​​visible in analogue black and white photography, video patterns, and in a room where the viewer can repose to find motionlessness and rest. An online version was made in which ME patients from all of the Netherlands and elementary school students from Amsterdam Oud-Zuid participated. The audience visiting (moe) return to their own world with an increased level of perception.

Cooperation with performer Anita Kooij. Online installation made by Carst van der Molen.

Red Ella 1 (moe), 2008
Red Ella 2 (moe), 2008
Red Ella 3 (moe), 2008
blue-ella two
Installation total (moe), 2008