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There was another fire, such a dramatic one, the Notre Dame in all her glory, burning on TV.

If we replace the songs with guns

Maybe the gun could be replaced. With something else. With something else that is hurtful too but not immediately lethal. What to be used when you real-ly want to make a point, or kill off your rage? Silence the demonic voices within, forever?

Pink Moon Vibes in Cherry Blossom Park

Going outside to celebrate and reflect on an approaching full moon. Many names are current these days, as ‘pink moon’.

The sound of paper hearts

Valentine. The sound of paper hearts. Secrets. Soft. The smell of dried rose petals. Pink. Red. Words of love, friendship, kindness, admiration, courage. Love.


The book came as a dystopian answer, mocking the fear of many Frenchmen to be able to continue to live the life they used to live and loved.

new moon abc minus xyz

A brief alphabetical meditation little stepping stones to help structure the next weeks culminating in the next full moon

365 words

365 pointless words (about Brexit)

Born to be Mann

Today is Thomas Mann’s birthday. He was born in 1875 (Lübeck, Germany). All over the world societies dedicated to his name and fame will have some kind of memorial moment.

on my way to…

on my way to places and meeting people animals and places

Broken pencil

The pencil is a powerful tool, carrying more symbolic weight than his fragile object body often can. A tool of protest often.

Little Cello Girl

They arrive by car, mother and daughter, I open the garage door of the studio complex and let them in. The cello is still asleep and lies as a lazy dog in the back.

Imperativo! femina e canino a new artist book

The title (Imperativo!) says it loud and clearly. It states the content with no delay. The second title (Femina e Canino) addresses two partners in crime ruling the waves of this paper (by)product generated during the process of developing the Come-Go-Stay project

Make a drawing as if you are not making a drawing at all and please don’t draw directly on the wall

While making conversation, I should talk directly and seriously about my latest drawing called ‘Bridal Room’, a work on paper (90 x 100 centimeters) that plays a modest part in the art exhibition Come-Go-Stay.


Me and my lookalikes try to eat the same food during rehearsals, food I bring to the table, as a mother to her children in a way.

Read Rothko Room

At the Haags Gemeentemuseum they showed older works as well, figurative, resembling Willem de Kooning (I heard someone say). There was a room dedicated to the Rothko Mondriaan connection.

Theatre lovers

In general the consensus on how to behave in the theatre died after the famous Dutch Actie Tomaat. Maybe I should be more precise and say before in stead of after, since those tomato throwing theatre lovers (often makers themselves) wouldn't have been able to stretch out their arm and act the way they did.

Full Moon

Risky business: writing about the full moon. One may be mistaken for a witchy type of person, dancing around naked outdoors in a field once a month.


Mourning is defined by universal rules.

Gheorghe Zamfir

Whoever saw the film, remembers this flute, played by the then über famous Gheorghe Zamfir.


It was early evening, there was a breeze and I decided to take care of the long, grassy wild flowers that were hanging in large pots on my balcony. The lady called, her voice was carried easily on the tail of an elegant whirl of wind.

Art magazine

I am staring at circles printed in a German art magazine


Whenever I grab the TV guide lately there’s a film on with Scarlett in it.


Now that the Sochi Super Sport Show is finally over, everything is getting back to normal.


So, everything is about speed in Sochi. Split seconds, a wink of an eye.

An Amish in Sochi!

Surfing the TV channels in order to find the Sochi Opening Ceremony, I run into an episode of a show called Breaking Amish, channeled by TLC.


The guy who usually is cleaning the hall in the building at this hour once a week is not here.


A deeper look at the titles that are covered in a whole book dedicated to this phenomenon, entitled Twitterature The World’s Greatest Books Retold Through Twitter, teaches me a new insight.


Since I write on a more intense level I have a tendency to read more.

Christmas animals

There was a time when I was disgusted by the idea of Christmas.

Full moon

So I just wrote about the full moon and while I was writing about it, the fullness of the moon had already surpassed his fullness, by hours really.

Finding a figurine

The fetus, or shall I say, the small figure or figurine is curled up as fetuses usually are.

Blogging: diary meets dialogue

I started blogging one year ago for the sheer love of writing.

Thanksgiving Amsterdam

Today is the first day since many years that I walk around without the forecast of a portion of the veggie version of the traditional Thanksgiving turkey.