Emily Kocken’s interpretation of Kees Arntzen’s composition for cello broadcasted by VPRO

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New newsletter coming soon!

New newsletter comping up!


Emily reads at Rijksacademy 1 December

Spoken word improvised music performance October 28th!

Book Launch How To Make Sculpture Move 1 July

Publication date known of How to make sculpture move


Coffee and philosophy

Schrijven Magazine interview

Interview in Filosofie Magazine

On Alain Badiou in Filosofie Magazine (June 2020)

Newsletter May/June 2020

Spheres exhibition, Schrijven Magazine, Filosofie Magazine

Spheres solo show Online Viewing Room

Spheres solo show Online Viewing Room


Emily Kocken writes the Kunstgeschenk


Art for Animals’ Sake

Emily participates in the group exhibition Art for Animals’ Sake (October 6-15).

Whistling in the Dark

The Dutch Letterenfonds selected Emily Kocken along with five others to write radio plays for public broadcasting.


Book Signing on the Uitmarkt

Visit the book signing by Emily Kocken at the Uitmarkt on August 27.


Foundation for Literature grant for ‘De kuur’

Early July the Dutch Foundation for Literature awarded Emily Kocken a grant for the development of her second novel De kuur (published in 2016 by Querido).

Read-in Cinema photos

A selection of photos from the performance in Het Veem Theater on May 14-18.

Invitation Read-in Cinema


Emily Kocken interviewed on Amsterdam FM

In the interview she speaks about her interactive performance Read-in Cinema.

Looking for Lookalikes

For the production Read-in Cinema Emily Kocken is looking for performers.

Witte vlag at ‘Dag van het park’ in Amsterdam

Sunday 25 May Emily Kocken reads from her novel Witte vlag in the Rembrandtpark.

Witte vlag in The Book Lovers Pop-up Store / De Appel arts centre

The Book Lovers presents the first (pop-up) bookstore dedicated exclusively to artist novels.


Witte vlag released on April 17

The presentation of the novel will be held in Moes in de Appel arts centre at 17:00.

Don’t be a girl: Celebrate Women’s Day during West Wednesday

Emily will answer questions about using autobiographic data in one's art practice. How much do we need to know about an artist in order to understand and appreciate the work?

Read-in: Picnic at Hanging Rock

Within the scope of her solo show ‘The Maiden Element’ Emily Kocken organizes a script read-in of the film 'Picnic at Hanging Rock' on February 13, 2013.

The Maiden Element

This solo show (presented by C&H art space) consists of black and white portraits of young girls, and two series of drawings.


Group show: Gallery artist + guest

Emily Kocken will participate in the upcoming group show at C&H art space. Gallery artists were invited to choose guests for the exhibition.

‘Vintage black & white photo’ of abandoned dog donated

To benefit the auction for the BaasGalgo Foundation in restaurant 5.0 of Museum Schunck in Heerlen.

The Godforsaken Grandness of the Deadly Dame

This is a publication one might define as an essay on an unusual exponent of feminist art. It is to be read as a short guide to Josien Vogelaar’s show Danse Macabre.


The Negotiator & Post-idyllic landscapes


New photographic works presented at summer group show 
at C&H art space
 Opening: 2 July 2011 18:00–21:00, show runs until 3 September Where: C&H art space, Amsterdam Open: Thu-Sat 11:00–18:00

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Revisor Jaarboek 2010

[. BOX] Milan

[digitaal?] analoog!

Letters from a dying building

Finissage Collecting Evidence


Collecting Evidence

Finissage Tracing the Mother Key

The Negotiator & Post-idyllic landscapes

Opening Tracing the Mother Key