Emily Kocken (1963) is kunstenaar en schrijver. Her debut novel Witte vlag (Querido, 2013) was nominated for the Academica Literature Award, her second novel De kuur (Querido, 2017) was reprinted and shortlisted for the Halewijn award. For the development of her third novel Lalalanding she lived in Parijs. Next to novels she writes essays, and short stories. She wrote the ‘Kunstgeschenk’ that was spread in Dutch musea during the National Museumweek of 2019. From 3 Sept – 3 Okt Arti et Amicitiae presents her duo show with Ruta Butkute Direct me to the centre of gravity. The book How to make sculpture move, a research of the relation language, sculpture, and movement, is published in May 2022, by Jap Sam Books, supported by AFK, Tijlfund, and Jaap Hartenfund.

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Emily Kocken is represented as an artist by Anna Elisabeth Kruyswijck Lauwer Art, her books are published since2013 by Querido. She lives in Loenen aan de Vecht and works in Amsterdam.

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