Plant Talk

2023 - 2024

New painting project


(title: My favorite plant Syl and her new friend Sid, from the series Plant Talk)

In Plant Talk I dedicate myself to painting my favorite plant Syl. She has been moved several times, her age is climbing towards thirty. I bought her a friend, Syd, a fellow Monstera Deliciosa.

A few years ago I started writing a book about my life as an adoptive child. My biological parents were painters. I started to paint, one of the few disciplines I always tiptoed around as an artist. Somehow it feels natural.

I can’t stop. It is becoming an obsession to learn how to paint. Looking around in the studio my favorite plant Syl caught my eye. She is the ideal model, always there. I have learned that many contemporary painters, even now, keep training their skills by observing what’s there. The private sanctuary of home, and the studio.