Duizend boterhammen op de Dam (The Breadman Project), 2009

The Breadman Project

Installation, Photography

June 6—July 2
Schooltuin Gaasperplas, Amsterdam Zuidoost

Artists: Anita Kooij, Emily Kocken, Saskia de Brauw

Supported by
AFK, Stichting Zero Amsterdam,
Stadsbakkerij Jongejans,
NME Amsterdam Zuidoost, Houtzagerij Rademaker

If man was made of bread, would birds dare eat him?
The Breadman Project explored the troublesome relationship between birds and humans in the city, focusing on the fragile hierarchical order amongst birds, symbolic of the sociocultural construction of society.

I baked a human-sized bread doll and transported it every Sunday for three months to different [sub]urban areas of Amsterdam. Placed in open spaces next to apartment buildings, the attack and consumption of Breadman was watched by local residents and passers-by as a public execution. This series of temporary sculptural performances, with ritualized movements is inspired by pagan bread sacrifices for fertility and better fortune.

Breadman zero version (The Breadman Project), 2009
Mould traces of man (The Breadman Project), 2009
Tribal look or breadly knight (The Breadman Project), 2009