On the album Cello Girls Emily Kocken plays renowned cello pieces backwards—such as Bach’s first cello suite. Of her performances, Jacco Prantl creates stylish soundscapes in his studio. We need funding to press the record.

Please support Cello Girls on Voordekunst between May 15 and June 20.

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Cello Girls

Project: Cello Girls



Foto: Wilma Rekkers

De kuur

Book: De kuur

Maybe the gun could be replaced. With something else. With something else that is hurtful too but not immediately lethal. What to be used when you real-ly want to make a point, or kill off your rage?...

Blog—If we replace the songs with guns


Project: Come-Go-Stay

Read-in Cinema

Project: Read-in Cinema

Witte vlag

Book: Witte vlag

Witte vlag is fascinating and also a challenge, because the reader is not offered a way out. De Volkskrant, Arjan Peters
The Maiden Element

Project: The Maiden Element

Tracing the Mother Key

Project: Tracing the Mother Key


Project: Landmarking