Often musicians and actors ask me help them visualize a concept for promotion portraits. I take the time to relate and listen, look and create a personal portrait in an inspired cooperation. Although I am a strong believer in the power of black and white film and analogue tools, I love to work with color and the digital media as well.

Arno Hammacher
Arno Hammacher
Portrait 2007
The Roentgen Connection - Musica Ambigua
The Roentgen Connection
Promotion of project Musica Ambigua (flyer, press release photography, website) 2006
Susanna Borsch
Susanna Borsch
CD cover photography 2006
President of the Globe
President of the Globe


To write about one’s own work is difficult. Most artists never get around it or limit themselves to short statements under pressure of a deadline. I enjoy writing about the work of others; not to claim in any way to be an art historian or even a connoisseur, I have responded to the requests of fellow artists, friends or others who came by recommendation of a friend. Be it a short manifesto, a transcript of an interview or a short essay, interpreting their work, celebrating their methods. To translate (Dutch / English) also acknowledges my bilingual identity. 
Writing about artists, helping them sometimes by writing a grant application makes me a part of their development. I cherish these personal assignments.
A selection:
Sign of the times
On social commentaries in the park tableaux by Jeannet Klement, 2013
The Godforsaken Grandness of the Deadly Dame
Short guide to the exposition ‘Danse Macabre’, Josien Vogelaar
C&H art space, Amsterdam, 2012
Exploring wanderer (Zoekende reiziger)
Translation from Dutch to English of the introductory essay by Dr. Stan Petrusa.
The publication celebrates the twenty year art practice of Adriaan Rees (LS Editions, 2011).
‘De folteringen van het verlangen’, Love Stories
Artist Book Josien Vogelaar, 2010
On arbor (9 photo works 2004-6 printed in piezography)
On the photography of Arno Hammacher.
Josine van Bokhoven Gallery, Amsterdam, 2005