Book Signing on the Uitmarkt

August 25, 2016

Visit the book signing by Emily Kocken at the Uitmarkt, the start of the cultural season in Amsterdam. She will be at the Querido stand signing ‘Witte vlag’ (written in Dutch — copies are available). ‘The cure’, her next novel which refers to ‘The Magic Mountain’ by Thomas Mann, will be published next year.
Saturday August 27, 15.00
Museumplein, Amsterdam
Stand number 35 – Uitgeverij Querido
Close to Cobra Café
Saturday August 27
14.00 Thomas Rosenboom
14.00 Peggy Verzett
15.00 Pauline Genee
15.00 Emily Kocken
15.00 Don Duyns
16.00 Maarten Moll
16.00 Merijn de Boer

Sunday August 28
14.00 Willem Nijholt
15.00 Yves van Kempen
15.30 K. Schippers
16.00 Margriet van der Linden
16.30 Roos van Rijswijk