Collecting Evidence

Collecting Evidence

Works 2004–2010

18x18 cm, 72 pages
ISBN 978-90-815987-1-2
Photography/drawings/text: Emily Kocken, Introduction: Egle Obcarskaite, Graphic design: Emily Kocken & Carst van der Molen, Published by C&H art space
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Collecting Evidence is a selection of photographs, films, artists books and works on paper from the period 2004—2010 that was presented at C&H Art & Design, the home of Cosimo di Leo Ricatto and Hanneke Huisman. A catalogue was made which served as a model for the classic square shaped 20 x 20 cm Artists Book series C&H art space started to publish.

Egle Obskarcaite, philosopher, performer and member of the critical art collective Legwork and writer introduced the catalogue:

And now we talk about evidence here. When asked how the title for the show was created Emily told me it came across when she was talking with her gallerist about the wide range of disciplines she covers plus the drive to deliver her stories: “For me the evidence is the range of visual and emotional data I find and recreate of other people’s lives”.