C - 10 (Oorlogswaan), 2004



Exhibition Spertijd
August 2004

Supported by
VSB Fonds
Amsterdam Oud-Zuid

Spertijd / Zero

After 9/11 fear of terrorist threat led to extra
caution by the governments, national and local.

With Zero artist Carst van der Molen, and local residents, I created a new narrative, telling the tragic story of the thirteen year old boy Hansl, who is convinced a new war is coming. His proof is a chain of simple signs in the streets and changed behavior from his loved ones. White dogs waiting for the attack, his mother Hannah coming home late from work. The milk supplier at the supermarket entering voluntary service. Hansl’s world is a reversed post-Fordian nightmare, since everything he sees has a irrefutable connection with his beliefs. The public was invited to participate in an after curfew living room, listening to records from the old days, sharing meals.

The performance The Queen of Death celebrated the mourning spirit of war widows but also questioned archetypical domestic female and archaic male (wartype) behavior.

A - 09 (Oorlogswaan), 2004
A - 12 (Oorlogswaan), 2004
De doodskoningin (Oorlogswaan), 2004

Observing is a continuous action on the battle field:
use eyes and ears all the time. Never loose sight of the enemy!

Handboek voor de soldaat (The soldier’s handbook), edition 1988