The sleepies (Naar buiten!), 2005

Naar buiten!


What happens when we leave our home and step outside? Despite protection devices and watchers (sunglasses, suit cases, dogs, walkmans, goals, destinations etc.) we enter moments of unexpected vulnerability, even in our own closed and known environment.

Accompanied by my new, nervous dog I started to see people I never saw before. A guy who talked to himself or a woman walking funny. They seem to have been there forever, hidden like shadows, cutting themselves loose from the environment. As did buildings, a to be torn down hospital in my neighborhood, with the last lights pouring out of the window. A terrain vague surrounding it, gates with holes, homeless people or squatters on the inside for a while, as long as it was possible.

One of the other actions I undertook was stalking; a way for me of connecting for a while with a total stranger, guarded by his dog. I ‘met’ them week after week on the train to my job as an editor for a homeless magazine and since they incorporated a daily route of mine, I decided to enclose them even more.
The found ‘crafty’ work of the two penguins, standing next to a hole in the ice, depict the danger of living outdoors, and the dependency of the baby on his mother. Not learning how to survive means dying in this world.

Spookrijdster (Naar buiten!), 2005
Mammy's gentle push (Naar buiten!), 2005