Spheres No 3, 2018
Spheres no. 3, 2018
inkjetprint op 100g papier, 91 x 90 cm, A.P.


Album, Artist Proofs, Drawing

Online Viewing Room presentation
23 May - 13 June 2020

Galerie Lauwer, The Hague

In 2020 Anna Elisabeth Kruyswijk (Lauwer) commissioned an Online Viewing Room. The gallery joined the trend of showing art work online during the pandemic. Spheres was the first project to be presented this way to the audience: a series of Artists Proofs, special editions, prints and drawings. Viewers also had the option of seeing the work in person.

‘Spheres represent their own universe, but every work is also some kind of map that you can fold up and take with you. They remind us of target circles. Other objects effortlessly join them. A powerful shape that evokes a certain energy. I have been using circles in my work for a long time. My fragmentary nature is connected through them. Like a lasso, with which I can catch it all. I can throw words in it. Figurines. Rhythms. The figurative and the abstract merge into each other.’

– Emily Kocken in a studio conversation with Anna Elisabeth Kruyswijk (Galerie Lauwer, Den Haag)

Spheres No 1, 2018
Spheres no. 1, 2018
inkjetprint op 100g papier, 92,5 x 100 cm, A.P.