Stil water


Exhibition SAK
August 2005

Traveling the IJ ferry back and forth I observed the other passengers, waiting, day dreaming, dozing of. My goal was to find one model and ask him to pretend this journey was going to be his last one. By selecting this one person, the rest of the passengers became witnesses of the photo shoot. The photo essay was completed with an artist’s log, notes on the art of drowning, a brief romance between ferry boat and water wave, childhood memories of my fear of swimming under water, thoughts on the reality of the Loch Ness monster.

Stil water was shown at a group show with a central theme on the new prestigious ‘Noord/Zuidlijn’, a huge subway project connecting the northern part of Amsterdam with the rest, causing a lot of local political turmoil and disbalanced houses in the city’s oldest areas.

A1 (Stil Water), 2005
C2 (Stil Water), 2005
B2 (Stil Water), 2005