Emily Kocken writes the Kunstgeschenk

Emily Kocken writes the Kunstgeschenk

De kuur

Book: De kuur

There was another fire, such a dramatic one, the Notre Dame in all her glory, burning on TV.


  • Sat 7 Dec—Voordracht Tenue fluide
    Emily Kocken geeft de voordracht 'Tenue fluide' over adem en beweging; de bezieling van gedragen stoffen bij Galerie Lauwer.

    Galerie Lauwer, Den Haag

Emily Kocken (visual artist/writer) researches the intersubjective creating multidisciplinary performative installations. Her methodology contains conceptual and situationist elements, evoking chance to enter carefully designed zones through an eclectic system rooted in mystic pagan traditions.




Foto: Wilma Rekkers

Cello Girls

Project: Cello Girls

Spheres no. 2, Emily Kocken


Project: Come-Go-Stay

The Maiden Element

Project: The Maiden Element

Read-in Cinema

Project: Read-in Cinema

Witte vlag

Book: Witte vlag

Witte vlag is fascinating and also a challenge, because the reader is not offered a way out. De Volkskrant, Arjan Peters