Foto: Wilma Rekkers

Maybe the gun could be replaced. With something else. With something else that is hurtful too but not immediately lethal. What to be used when you real-ly want to make a point, or kill off your rage?...

Blog—If we replace the songs with guns

Cello Girls

Project: Cello Girls

Spheres no. 2, Emily Kocken

De kuur

Book: De kuur


Project: Come-Go-Stay

Read-in Cinema

Project: Read-in Cinema

Witte vlag

Book: Witte vlag

Witte vlag is fascinating and also a challenge, because the reader is not offered a way out. De Volkskrant, Arjan Peters
The Maiden Element

Project: The Maiden Element

Tracing the Mother Key

Project: Tracing the Mother Key


Project: Landmarking