The Maiden Element

Drawing, Photography

February 2—March 23 2013
C&H art space

The research for The Maiden Element started two years ago with a research of the death of young girls. Death carries a tragic significance that gains an even more dramatic weight when related to children. The conceptual and situationist elements resonating in Emily’s work sublime the raw effect of this reality.

The Maiden Element nr. 24, 2012
The Maiden Element nr. 25, 2012

Feminine objects and faces, full of light and darkness, fall, float and freeze in a white void. Guided by rules of a game with private categories, I may have found it, an inkling of what could be called the maiden element, something mesmerizing that has the tendency to surpass the boundaries of life and death.

The Maiden Element nr 1_Emily Kocken_2012
The Maiden Element nr 8_Emily Kocken_2012
The Maiden Element nr 7_Emily Kocken_2012
The Maiden Element nr 2_Emily-Kocken_2012
The Maiden Element nr. 32, 2012
The Maiden Element nr. 31, 2012

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