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The sound of paper hearts

Valentine. The sound of paper hearts. Secrets. Soft. The smell of dried rose petals. Pink. Red. Words of love, friendship, kindness, admiration, courage. Love.

new moon abc minus xyz

A brief alphabetical meditation little stepping stones to help structure the next weeks culminating in the next full moon

Born to be Mann

Today is Thomas Mann’s birthday. He was born in 1875 (Lübeck, Germany). All over the world societies dedicated to his name and fame will have some kind of memorial moment.

Little Cello Girl

They arrive by car, mother and daughter, I open the garage door of the studio complex and let them in. The cello is still asleep and lies as a lazy dog in the back.

Make a drawing as if you are not making a drawing at all and please don’t draw directly on the wall

While making conversation, I should talk directly and seriously about my latest drawing called ‘Bridal Room’, a work on paper (90 x 100 centimeters) that plays a modest part in the art exhibition Come-Go-Stay.

Full Moon

Risky business: writing about the full moon. One may be mistaken for a witchy type of person, dancing around naked outdoors in a field once a month.

Art magazine

I am staring at circles printed in a German art magazine