Full Moon

August 9, 2014

Risky business: writing about the full moon. One may be mistaken for a witchy type of person, dancing around naked outdoors in a field once a month. Although tempted at times to do weird things like that, I never have. My own eclectic practices in this area are strictly solitary and private.

The moon, and some rituals designed to help us celebrate the influence of certain celestial constellations appeal to me, and I even have an inkling when this all started. In the year two thousand I nearly died in a car accident, and for some strange reason, maybe because the car flipped over three times on a hill, hindered by some trees, I woke up afterwards with this unexplainable interest in the energy of nature and the old way of working with it.

Often spirituado’s on the web share some scrapbook knowledge about the meaning of the moon’s phases based on studies of/and worship of pagan habits. Although I am all for it, to follow the seasons, the circle of life, the annual and monthly back and forth, the rhythms of nature, using it as a working method rooting ideas in something bigger than my life, I try to do this with caution, since the agricultural roots of the old teachings don’t necessarily apply to a more urban life(style) many of us lead.

On a metaphorical level one can be more pragmatic about what to do during this Augusty Green Corn, Red, or Grain Moon (known by even more names), and throw out the things that serve no real purpose in your current life, make choices, select what part of your life or personal research should be brought to full bloom or fine-tuned and harvested in september at – surprise! – Harvest Moon.

So now, one day before the moon is full, I am sitting in my studio between walls cled with sketches, scraps, schemes, and deciding which ones to take down, throw out, keeping a few on, those needed for current and future work. Yesterday I took one of my analogue camera’s to a repair place that moved from the center to the outskirts of the city, and bought new video cables to import material I shot recently. Inspired by the full moon teachings the decision what to do next is not made easier per se every month. But the urge to work towards a natural deadline, and focus on the phenomenon of ‘focus’ itself is something I at least learned from studying the old ways.