July 23, 2014

Officially I am not mourning
I am working
Defined by international rules,
It differs, the idea of mourning,
How it is executed.

Mostly it involves crying,
Feeling numb,
Not eating,
Wearing black, or white.
Carrying a source of light.
Walking solemn steps deformed by unexpected gravity.

To mourn the loss of lives of others unknown to us as act of empathy and compassion.

I ask a friend, a former
Colleague if she knew a girl
Mentioned on Facebook
And she did.

We all know a person who knows another person who knows.

Facing white walls of my studio
Not dressed in black.
Reading about body parts picked up by dirty hands.

Discussing the loss of dignity
At the photo lab, with the guy
Who cleans our building.

Waiting for the church bells to ring as was promised to us all.