on my way to…

April 3, 2016

.on my way to work in the studio on a recent sunday could’ve been nine minutes to nine i saw this black cat i saw the day before – a fine specimen of the feline it was indeed – surely the cat was female why no special word for that in english or dutch – black cat stood on her hind legs in front of a door looking through a lean window in the middle of the door – yesterday the same cat was lying on a small lane leading to the cemetery close to the house with the door close to my studio but she wasn’t alone – next to her or more opposite of her the large red male cat (in dutch called a ‘kater’) was sitting in a somewhat uptight manner – they were discussing something severe – something – black – red – small – middle.

.on my way to the empty house on a recent friday where my foster mother died for another day of spring cleaning could’ve been ten minutes to ten i saw a white horse in the meadow next to the railway – i was in the train minding my own business waking up and longing for the coffee i forgot to buy at the station – surely the horse didn’t mean to gallop in the way he did but there was something eerie and beautiful about the way he ran – i mean everybody on that train to utrecht and den bosch and maybe some of these commuters were heading to a place even further just like me was staring at this animal until he was out of sight – something – eerie – white – everybody – longing.

.on my way to a conference place to be more precise i saw the old lady with the dogs again i had not seen her in ages – on my bike to the station packed with my contribution for a day dedicated to goethe’s faust with my mind already there imagining the participants at the large table i demanded – the dogs were older than i remembered of course, they were older the lady seemed the same – a future flower bed next to the bicycle path freshly shoveled by someone who loves order and structure since the soil was raked in spirals of the most elegant kind – the dogs were heading towards the bed and i was in such a hurry that there was no time to stop them – older – faust – flower -spirals – someone.