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About one work

Art impression around one art work or phenomenon

If we replace the songs with guns

Maybe the gun could be replaced. With something else. With something else that is hurtful too but not immediately lethal. What to be used when you real-ly want to make a point, or kill off your rage? Silence the demonic voices within, forever?


The book came as a dystopian answer, mocking the fear of many Frenchmen to be able to continue to live the life they used to live and loved.

365 words

365 pointless words (about Brexit)

on my way to…

on my way to places and meeting people animals and places

Broken pencil

The pencil is a powerful tool, carrying more symbolic weight than his fragile object body often can. A tool of protest often.

Little Cello Girl

They arrive by car, mother and daughter, I open the garage door of the studio complex and let them in. The cello is still asleep and lies as a lazy dog in the back.

Read Rothko Room

At the Haags Gemeentemuseum they showed older works as well, figurative, resembling Willem de Kooning (I heard someone say). There was a room dedicated to the Rothko Mondriaan connection.

Full moon

So I just wrote about the full moon and while I was writing about it, the fullness of the moon had already surpassed his fullness, by hours really.

Blogging: diary meets dialogue

I started blogging one year ago for the sheer love of writing.