Pink Moon Vibes in Cherry Blossom Park

April 10, 2017

Everyone was walking the dirt road, down the hill with the pink weeds and odd grasses, carrying overflowing picknick baskets, made of willow twigs.
Dogs on long pink leashes urged their owners to follow them.
Hurry up! they barked with a pink smile, madly in love with the softly painted sky, but the humans told them to slow down, mesmerized.

Pink Moon Vibes in Cherry Blossom Park.

We were led around by detour, a large pink fence tried to save the bridge – over the pink water, between urban land and the pink Japanese Cherry Blossom park – from collapsing under the weight of many.
Two days before the pink moon was full, a sunny Sunday served us massive moments of delicate pale seedlings of thought and hope.
A growing courage to receive the fruit of these pink implantations on a blessed day in the future.

A short poetic reflection on a walk I took with my boyfriend to the Japanese Cherry Blossom Park in Amstelveen on Sunday April 9 in revere of the Pink Moon of Tuesday April 11, 8:09 am.