If we replace the songs with guns

February 25, 2018

Hey Joe where are you goin’ with that gun of yours?
Hey Joe, I said where you goin’ with that gun in your hand, oh.

I’m pondering over the existential need of songs with guns and how the world would be if songs with guns were banned.

No more Hey Joe.
No more Janie’s Got a Gun.
No more I Shot the Sheriff.

Maybe the gun could be replaced. With something else. With something else that is hurtful too but not immediately lethal. What to be used when you really want to make a point or kill off your rage? Silence the demonic voices within, forever?

If we replace the gun with a knife there could will less damage, but things will get just as messy. I mean, compared to a semi-automatic rifle, it will be harder for an individual to take out a large number. If the gun is replaced by say, a paintball gun, only clothes will be smeared. (Honors will be ruined but hey…) Alas, these fun facts and fake medals won’t satisfy the frustrated urges of the gun(wo)man.

I know, this replacement stuff needs some serious reflection time. Maybe I should call in other people. Maybe form a creative, ideological, revolutionary think tank group dedicated to the replacement of arms. The American president wants school teachers to be able to defend themselves with guns. Many teachers already said no to the idea, they refuse to carry guns.

If the president wins, there will be teachers, licensed to kill. And if the teachers still refuse to function as neoconservative puppets, and this new law will be pushed through (or in or…) by the president, only the military, conservative, trigger-happy type of creepy peeps will be teachers. Carrying guns. Teaching kids about life morals and future values. Teaching kids to carry guns. Yep, that’s a cycle of destruction for ya.

Did I just reveal someone’s (secret) agenda?