365 words

June 26, 2016

365 pointless words (about Brexit) are we sad when we say we are when people leave who don’t agree with us anyway and what did we really know about these people to begin with a simple way of looking at the members of the Leaf movement voting Great Britain out of a safe structure called the EU spending more time than I should on the internet due to an unexpectedly fine Wi-Fi status at different locations during my vacation I could not escape from several analysts political laymen civilians like me who’s to say what and when it is okay or even allowed to say a thing to out loud or online a thing to be shared with others since it apparently is thought to be a thing possessing some kind of wisdom or insight hesitating to be part of this web of wisecracks and wondering the first thing I said to a friend who was kind enough to remind me of the moment Brexit went public they joined in 1973 so now they left and some day they will join again the political climate has changed people talk about it all the time and most people I know are left winged like myself whatever that is these days Jeanette Winterson tweeted to lefties like us to do something get organized or something of the sort and I am sure she can say this way more articulate than me and I agree in general that those opposed to the right tuned screamers should speak up more a firm believer in the power of words myself and experienced with the effects one can reap when evoking words right I have to end this little blog text with a cliché and a popular expression used to shut up someone who is merely talk talk talk action speaks louder than words so really if we feel that Leaf people these anti-immigrants and such are entirely in the wrong choosing to close the borders live a more nationalist life than the one they apparently were capable of living before we c/should decide to counterweigh their actions with one/some of our own not sure which one to sh/could start with