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Handwriting (1)

about handwriting and writing online

About one work

Art impression around one art work or phenomenon


my handwriting used to be different than it is now and I mean before my childhood


The book came as a dystopian answer, mocking the fear of many Frenchmen to be able to continue to live the life they used to live and loved.

365 words

365 pointless words (about Brexit)

Born to be Mann

Today is Thomas Mann’s birthday. He was born in 1875 (Lübeck, Germany). All over the world societies dedicated to his name and fame will have some kind of memorial moment.

Broken pencil

The pencil is a powerful tool, carrying more symbolic weight than his fragile object body often can. A tool of protest often.

Imperativo! femina e canino a new artist book

The title (Imperativo!) says it loud and clearly. It states the content with no delay. The second title (Femina e Canino) addresses two partners in crime ruling the waves of this paper (by)product generated during the process of developing the Come-Go-Stay project


A deeper look at the titles that are covered in a whole book dedicated to this phenomenon, entitled Twitterature The World’s Greatest Books Retold Through Twitter, teaches me a new insight.


Since I write on a more intense level I have a tendency to read more.

Full moon

So I just wrote about the full moon and while I was writing about it, the fullness of the moon had already surpassed his fullness, by hours really.

Blogging: diary meets dialogue

I started blogging one year ago for the sheer love of writing.