Don’t be a girl: Celebrate Women’s Day during West Wednesday

March 7, 2013

Emily will answer questions about using autobiographic data in one’s art practice. How much do we need to know about an artist in order to understand and appreciate the work?

The Maiden Element focuses on the force and fragility of femininity and womanhood, an universal theme that is celebrated on Women’s Day all over the world. Young women have fought for a better fate in the past, and in many ways they still have to. The Maiden Element wants to be a silent witness of this process, sharing private categories defined by the artist that are highly autobiographical.

The project was developed in close cooperation with a small circle of young girls. Emily created an intimate workspace in the studio with each model, while the mother or father was present. Sharing private categories with every girl she exposed her own childhood little by little.

13 March from 18:00 – 21:00

C&H art space
2de Kostverlorenkade 50
1053 SB Amsterdam
+31 (0)20 753 09 64