Witte vlag released on April 17

March 30, 2013

The novel Witte vlag will be released on April 17. The book presentation
will be held in Moes in de Appel arts centre at 17:00.
Address: Prins Hendrikkade 142 sous, Amsterdam.
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Witte vlag
Novel, Dutch

For young Elzbieta Różewicz life with the Amsterdam-based American artist Henry Theodore Watson is a flight from Berlin in 1999, where she was left alone after her parents died in a car accident. In the beginning of their marriage, Henry still let her participate in his art projects, but shuts her out after a scathing review of their performance at the Stedelijk Museum. While Henry stays in New York, their ailing dog dies. Henry uses the situation for a new art project. Elzbieta’s behavior is starting to show a provocative side. It seems inevitable that the dog will be replaced by a new one.

Paperback, 13,5 x 21,5 cm, 352 pages.
Cover Design Anneke Germers. Cover photography Gert Weigelt.
Published by Em. Querido’s Uitgeverij
[email protected]

ISBN 978 90 214 4663 9

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