April 23, 2019

Stepping outside the air was burning, Eastern fires showed off far from the more rural side from the Eastern side of the Netherlands, how coincidental, the way we all were way in the past. In my present pagan life fires play a role on many celebratory occasions, but not at eoastre/ostara. I do welcome pagan practices by non-pagan people. The problem is that they don’t acknowledge the pagan source, gathering around (metaphorically) a dying guy on a cross, something that I find rather upsetting. There’s no harsh judgment here of other belief systems, well, maybe a little. That’s something to write about another time.

Not being able to breathe due to smog and ashes.

There was another fire, such a dramatic one, the Notre Dame in all her glory, burning on TV. I was glued to the screen, not able to move, shouting to my husband in the other room if he’d already knew. He did. Well, it just happened.

Of course the so-called yellow vests should be angry; peacefully protesting they couldn’t stop vandalists from throwing their Molotovs high up in the air. But. I’m tired of the screaming, the beaming, the ashes, the burning, the smoking, the non-believing, the believing. Even though Notre Dame is not my dame, I hate to see her burning.

#notredame #paasvuren