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About one work

Art impression around one art work or phenomenon

About One Work #1

About One Work is a new series of short texts online by Emily Kocken about one art work, book, phenomenon etc.

Newsletter May/June 2020

Spheres exhibition, Schrijven Magazine, Filosofie Magazine

Spheres solo show Online Viewing Room

Spheres solo show Online Viewing Room

Make a drawing as if you are not making a drawing at all and please don’t draw directly on the wall

While making conversation, I should talk directly and seriously about my latest drawing called ‘Bridal Room’, a work on paper (90 x 100 centimeters) that plays a modest part in the art exhibition Come-Go-Stay.


Me and my lookalikes try to eat the same food during rehearsals, food I bring to the table, as a mother to her children in a way.

Read Rothko Room

At the Haags Gemeentemuseum they showed older works as well, figurative, resembling Willem de Kooning (I heard someone say). There was a room dedicated to the Rothko Mondriaan connection.

Theatre lovers

In general the consensus on how to behave in the theatre died after the famous Dutch Actie Tomaat. Maybe I should be more precise and say before in stead of after, since those tomato throwing theatre lovers (often makers themselves) wouldn't have been able to stretch out their arm and act the way they did.

Gheorghe Zamfir

Whoever saw the film, remembers this flute, played by the then über famous Gheorghe Zamfir.

Art magazine

I am staring at circles printed in a German art magazine

Finding a figurine

The fetus, or shall I say, the small figure or figurine is curled up as fetuses usually are.