October 21, 2020

my handwriting used to be different than it is now
and I mean before
my childhood
I mean a few years back

flipping through notebooks diaries I might find out the change

the transformation of writing

my handwriting

memory, place, high school, or rather, place, home, partly
my brother and I changed our handwriting
it was so that my father, our father,

– I have to officially say our adoptive father because there are people who read this and do not know me and I have reached an age or, rather, in a phase of my life where I want people to know the difference, moreover I will after the publication of Lalalanding immediately start a new book about adoption, my adoption and that of other people, –

a curious “n” wrote that more
resembled a you and that was illegible but
once you knew it wasn’t a problem

– to be continued

Lalalanding will be published 20 March 2021 by Publisher Querido