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Is it really an archive?

collecting personal notes is close to becoming an archive


my handwriting used to be different than it is now and I mean before my childhood


The book came as a dystopian answer, mocking the fear of many Frenchmen to be able to continue to live the life they used to live and loved.


Me and my lookalikes try to eat the same food during rehearsals, food I bring to the table, as a mother to her children in a way.

Gheorghe Zamfir

Whoever saw the film, remembers this flute, played by the then über famous Gheorghe Zamfir.


Whenever I grab the TV guide lately there’s a film on with Scarlett in it.

An Amish in Sochi!

Surfing the TV channels in order to find the Sochi Opening Ceremony, I run into an episode of a show called Breaking Amish, channeled by TLC.