Emily Kocken interviewed on Amsterdam FM

Emily Kocken was interviewed by Amsterdam FM radio in their Arts and Culture segment. In the interview she speaks about her interactive performance Read-in Cinema, in which she searches for a lost element in our society and in ourselves: the maiden element. The performance is executed by twelve look-a-likes, among them the artist herself. This image of identical people makes us aware of what shapes us and how we relate to one another in a time in which identity is makeable and far from obvious. With this, she wants to demonstrate that she is repeatable.

Looking for Lookalikes

For the production Read-in Cinema, visual artist and author Emily Kocken is looking for performers age 19–52, heigth 163–172 cm, body type: slim, hair color: brown, hair length: medium/long, eye color: brown, English speaking. Read-in Cinema will premiere in May 2015, rehearsals start February 2015, auditions 10 & 11 January 2015.

Apply by sending your picture to productie@hetveemtheater.nl. Deadline 22 December 2014.

Emily Kocken

Emily Kocken

In Read-in Cinema Emily Kocken creates a reading organism of twelve performers looking like her. This new circle of ‘look-a-likes’ read the script of the film Picnic at Hanging Rock, a famous cult movie from the seventies. In daily episodes Read-in Cinema tells the story of the disappearance of a group of schoolgirls during a picnic set in 1900. Masked as a murder mystery the story is a classic manifesto against the polarization of female and male identity. The strong image of thirteen ‘identical’ performers reading and breathing as one questions the nature of identity itself.

Read more about the project Read-in Cinema

Witte vlag at ‘Dag van het park’ in Amsterdam

Sunday 25 May, 10–11 hrs

The importance of the park is celebrated nationwide on May 25. The Rembrandtpark plays a big role in the novel Witte vlag. The characters seek refuge and fight about their marriage. If you happen to be around that day, you are invited to sit on Elzbieta’s bench and listen to a bit of Witte vlag. The reading by Emily starts at 10:00 am. Duration is one hour.


More information about Dag van het park
on the City of Amsterdam web site